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High Quality Low Maintenance Shutters

Shutters that are of high quality and low maintenance indeed add value to any space. Clean architecture, innovative design and crisp visuals, they offer a distinct grace upon sight. You definitely can’t beat their functionality. There’s a certain luxury of being able to turn day into night to enjoy a cool movie in the brightness of a balmy summer afternoon;

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Opening Window Blinds to Spring

Spring cleaning is upon us as we open up the window blinds allowing the warm sunshine and fresh air into our interior living, working and recreational spaces. The sunlight seems to shine in and really point out everything! ‘Look at the dust over there! See this dirt right here?!’ The sun reveals all that seeks attention, and the fresh outside

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Make a Statement with Curtains and Drapes

Cadillac Window Fashions is more than able to assist you with selecting the perfect treatments best suited to all your requirements, from style to budget. Our wide selection of high quality products coupled with our customer service and precision installation may very well prove to exceed your expectations. We don’t settle for less than our best. Contact us to cover

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Easy to Impress with Shutters

Shutters beautify a home to a whole other level; impressive, to say the least. Aside from beautiful functionality, the richness in look and feel is undeniable. Window treatments that are sure to turn heads and dance upon eyes can be found in the robust selection and service offered by Cadillac Window Fashions. We’ve been adorning windows in homes and businesses

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Excellent Quality Window Blinds

Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you have windows to cover in your home, office, cottage or rental property and you’d like to accomplish this task without breaking the bank or causing any unnecessary issues for yourself or someone that you’d have do the installation work. Out of all the window fashions available, blinds seem to be the

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New Year New Curtains & Drapes

It’s a New Year and a great time to look at ourselves, our surroundings and contemplate how we can improve and move forward, maybe with a new aesthetic. This can extend to interior décor, furnishings and even window fashions. Sitting inside on a cold day with a hot beverage in hand may find you focusing on your old window treatments

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Shutters are a Matter of Taste and Functionality

Window coverings take on a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs. It’s a matter of taste and functionality. Some choose blinds or drapery and others go beyond with shutters.  There’s a certain facial expression that many people make when they enter a home and notice windows covered with attractive, well made shutters. Often times the thought accompanying the perception is

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Introducing You to Window Blinds

  If you’re reading this, you may very well have a beautiful house that needs window coverings. It could be only specific rooms or possibly the entire house throughout requires dressing on every window. As a treatment option, window blinds offer a stylish, affordable, modern aesthetic in addition to providing the flexibility of outside light allowance into each room. In

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Next Level of Chic in Curtains & Drapes

There truly is a plethora of window treatment options available to you on the market today and we offer a hearty selection of them. If your desire is to achieve an elegant stylish look and feel, fabric window treatments offer a soft elegance to modern décor. Curtains and drapes are more updated these days with a great deal of variety

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Wood Shutters Complete the Look of Rustic Décor This Fall

Cadillac Window Fashions has been delivering and installing wood shutters to our valued clients for over 30 years now. With wood shutters providing numerous benefits, many make the decision of installing them into their homes. All our installations are performed by factory trained installers to insure top-quality installations. Cadillac Windows Fashions takes a look at the many benefits of these

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