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It’s a New Year and a great time to look at ourselves, our surroundings and contemplate how we can improve and move forward, maybe with a new aesthetic. This can extend to interior décor, furnishings and even window fashions. Sitting inside on a cold day with a hot beverage in hand may find you focusing on your old window treatments and possibly wondering what curtains and drapes might look like in place of what you’ve got now.

Colour Change

Maybe a change of colour is in order. You may even be compelled to do some research to discover how colour can affect your mood. Everything is energy and all things have a unique vibrational frequency of their own, including colour which has an impact on our emotions and even our behavior. The intelligent utilization of colour can be extended to window treatments in your home or business, especially through the use of fabrics, that can provide an interior environment that produces calm visual comfort. Drapery and curtains offer a wide range of colour and pattern options to choose from. The sky is really the limit when colour is involved.

Texture of Fabrics

In addition to colour, texture is another feature that fabric window fashions provide. Sheer and flowing for a light look and feel or heavy textured and lined for a cozy comfortable vibe, drapes are available in a plethora of fabric materials to choose from. It’s really up to your preference and taste. Some drapery fabric appears so pleasing to the eye you almost want to wrap yourself up in it like a wonderfully comfortable duvet. Texture plays a big part in the flexibility and appearance of drapes drawn back to allow full sunlight as well as closed to block out light or a gloomy day. The way fabric drapery gathers and hangs should also be taken into consideration when looking at window fashions for your home. Your options are in abundance and it’s best to consult one of our experts to narrow down the most suitable choices for you. Have a look at our website or contact us to have a design specialist come out to see you for a free consultation.

Broader Creativity

The use of fabrics for window coverings offers you a much broader creative element apart from typical blinds or shutters. Many people opt to primarily use drapery on feature windows, and some people prefer to utilize curtains in combination with different styles of blinds. Again, it’s really up to your preference and taste. In over three decades of successful business we’ve pretty much done it all when it comes to window treatments. No customer request has deterred us from providing complete satisfaction and we are always excited to hear the positive customer feedback post installation.

Adorn Your Windows with Excellence

When you’re considering a change in 2017 of your window treatments, whether it be on a single window or all of them throughout your home, cottage or business, visit our website or showroom and contact us to have a design specialist provide you with a free on-site consultation. We service many areas including Toronto, Scarborough, Woodbridge, Oakville, Thornhill and more. We look forward to meeting with you and adorning your windows with excellence.