Window Blinds

Spring cleaning is upon us as we open up the window blinds allowing the warm sunshine and fresh air into our interior living, working and recreational spaces. The sunlight seems to shine in and really point out everything! ‘Look at the dust over there! See this dirt right here?!’ The sun reveals all that seeks attention, and the fresh outside air wafts in with ‘let me try to blow that off there for you.’ It’s the time of year that you notice everything in your surroundings and that if you cannot seem to clean it, fix it or beautify it to your visual satisfaction, then you’re compelled to either paint it, replace it or switch it all up completely.

Popular Purchase for Replacement

Window blinds seem to be a most popular purchase during the spring months, thanks to their affordability, functionality and ease. Store bought blinds are all the rage when it comes to a fast inexpensive replacement for window treatments. Limited to your colour and style selection, you may have windows of custom measurements that can pose a challenge for sizing and installation. Settling on a cheaper product may lead to a replacement situation at a more rapid rate.

Professionals Come To You

As opposed to purchasing in-store, with separate installation, having professionals come to your home or office eliminates the margins for error. Working with our Design Specialists brings you the widest selection of top quality products with full customization to ensure best fit and visual window fashion perfection. Above the windowpanes we successfully dress is our commitment to customer service convenience and satisfaction, from free on-site quotation to precision installation, we aim to please on every order. It is quite likely that you may never consider store bought blinds again once you enjoy the Cadillac Window Fashions experience, from beginning to beautiful end.

Window Dressing Solutions

Window blinds, especially in high traffic areas of activity in your home or work space, often weathers some wear and tear, particularly if subjected to children’s play. Before a cease and desist order is belted out of a nearby parent, window treatments such as blinds battle being a target of many a projectile objects. Thrown toys, kicked balls and other flying things that should be played with outside, can quickly wreak damage, not to mention a random body slam that may having you calling us for a better, more sturdy product and durable solution for highly active spaces. Indeed we can assist you with quality window dressing solutions from reputable manufacturers like the popular Hunter Douglas Gallery.

Elevate Your Space

Dented and damaged blinds can appear dirty, disheveled and unattractive regardless of any overcompensating in room décor. Like a fresh coat of paint to give a space a new lift, replacing damaged or severely dirty window treatments affordably elevates a room, a business space or an entire house. Purchasing fine quality products ensures satisfaction of construction and durability. Having that product expertly installed delivers peace of mind for every pane dressed. Rely on our 30 plus years successful family owned business to adorn your windows with excellence to complete satisfaction.

Let Us Work Our Magic for You

At Cadillac Window Fashions we provide the excellent personalized service we expect to receive from a reputable, friendly family owned business. Our success is derived from our customer satisfaction, and after all these years we still really enjoy what we do each and every day. How could we not!?! We get to meet many wonderful people in their homes and businesses throughout Toronto, the GTA, Markham, Newmarket, Vaughan and more. Several customers enjoy coming out to our conveniently located showroom to peruse through our vast selection of window fashions suited to every budget and décor. Have a look at our website or Facebook page and we welcome you to get a free quote from one of our Design Specialists. Let us work our magic for you!