Open your Shutters to Spring

Now that spring is upon us, we are seeing more sunlight throughout the day. Although this is a positive thing after the dreadful winter, it means we are constantly monitoring how much light is entering our homes. One of the best ways of controlling light is by installing shutters to cover the windows in every room. At Cadillac Windows Fashions,

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Why Choose Shutters for Your Home?

Here at Cadillac Window Fashions we know that choosing the right window coverings for your home or office can be a daunting task. There are a lot of options to choose from and shutters are a great option. They are low maintenance, weather resistant and are quick and easy to install. They give a clean look to any room they

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Easy to Impress with Shutters

Shutters beautify a home to a whole other level; impressive, to say the least. Aside from beautiful functionality, the richness in look and feel is undeniable. Window treatments that are sure to turn heads and dance upon eyes can be found in the robust selection and service offered by Cadillac Window Fashions. We’ve been adorning windows in homes and businesses

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Shutters are a Matter of Taste and Functionality

Window coverings take on a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs. It’s a matter of taste and functionality. Some choose blinds or drapery and others go beyond with shutters.  There’s a certain facial expression that many people make when they enter a home and notice windows covered with attractive, well made shutters. Often times the thought accompanying the perception is

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Wood Shutters Complete the Look of Rustic Décor This Fall

Cadillac Window Fashions has been delivering and installing wood shutters to our valued clients for over 30 years now. With wood shutters providing numerous benefits, many make the decision of installing them into their homes. All our installations are performed by factory trained installers to insure top-quality installations. Cadillac Windows Fashions takes a look at the many benefits of these

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DIY Shutter Inspirations

Do you have old shutters and are about to throw them away? Don’t! There are lots of fun design ideas for your old shutters. Cadillac Windows Fashions gathered some of the nicest DIY (do it yourself) ideas for your old shutters. 1. Shutter Table   (Link) Use one of your old shutters to make a cute console table! Paint it

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Wood Shutters for all the Rooms in Your Home

There is nothing like walking into a home in Toronto or the GTA with wood shutters on every window throughout the home. It has always been a classic look and is still considered very elegant when properly designed and installed. I just sold wood shutters to a lovely family in Toronto and they couldn’t be happier. And when my client’s are happy…I’m happy.

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Window Shutters for your Home

Window Shutters enhance a home.  Window Shutters are also referred to as a window covering.  There are many reasons for having Window Shutters in your home.

  • Window Shutters control the amount of sunlight that comes into a room.
  • Window Shutters offer privacy due to the solid panels.
  • Window Shutters are energy efficient because they keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in summer.
  • While Window Shutters enhance a room they also look lovely from the outside of a house looking in.
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Wood Shutters in Toronto

“A few months ago I sold wood shutters to a client in Toronto. Months earlier, the client had done some major renovations to her home and was very excited to decorate. She couldn’t contain herself with excitement. As a matter of fact she was overjoyed at the thought of the decorating stage. It was such a lovely sight to see a woman in her glory. In phase one she replaced all her window coverings on the first floor with wood shutters. In the dining room she took my advice and went with a dramatic look by adding drapery. The look was gorgeous if I do say so myself. Phase two will be the 2nd floor and phase three is the basement with a walk out patio and some small windows. I’m sure she will be decorating her entire home with wood shutters. By the time this article is posted on our blog phase two will be complete and I can’t help but feel bitter sweet. I make it a point to visit most of my clients afterwards not only to make sure the client is happy with the results but also to see the joy they express to me with their new purchase. When I went to visit after phase one Mrs. Joyful (not her real name) was kind enough as to offer me tickets to the hockey game. I didn’t accept them because I didn’t want to get into any trouble, not that I would but just in case. I was touched because Mrs. Joyful wanted to reward me with something extra. I sell wood shutters in Toronto all the time, it’s our hottest item and to be treated like this was pretty special. Thanks Mrs. Joyful for making this such a joyful experience.” (Cadillac Shutters & Blinds employee)

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Cadillac Custom Shutters

“I don’t know if we coined the phrase “Cadillac Custom Shutters” or if our clients did, but I like it, it fits and it’s a keeper. We are the “Cadillac in Custom Shutters” because we do our very best in all we do. Whether its customer service or sales to designing the custom shutters to the installation we excel in all categories. Just the other day a client referred to Cadillac Shutters & Blinds as the Cadillac in Custom Shutters and all I could do was stand there, blush and say, I know. What else could I say; I wasn’t going to knock a competitor. We’ve been in business for over twenty five years so in a sense we’ve become experts in this industry. What I love most about my job is all the compliments I receive, knowing that I’m selling an excellent quality product and all the repeat business I get. Making Cadillac custom shutters is the easy part and over time our reputation has made selling our custom shutters as easy.” (Cadillac Shutters & Blinds employee)

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