Drapes, the Perfect Choice for Any Home

When decorating your home, not only do you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing, but you want it to also be functional. With Cadillac Window Fashions, we provide the best of both worlds by offering drapery that is both beautiful and practical. Drapery is a timeless look that has proven time and time again to give off a luxurious look

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Opulence with Curtains and Drapes

Some beautiful windows in magnificent homes deserve to be dressed in luxurious excellence. As in regal palaces and mansions throughout the world, stately windows of opulent quality are adorned in the most glorious of fabrics. The end result can easily dance upon the eyes as works of art, particularly when framing the glory of nature's vistas. Your home is your

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Make a Statement with Curtains and Drapes

Cadillac Window Fashions is more than able to assist you with selecting the perfect treatments best suited to all your requirements, from style to budget. Our wide selection of high quality products coupled with our customer service and precision installation may very well prove to exceed your expectations. We don’t settle for less than our best. Contact us to cover

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Next Level of Chic in Curtains & Drapes

There truly is a plethora of window treatment options available to you on the market today and we offer a hearty selection of them. If your desire is to achieve an elegant stylish look and feel, fabric window treatments offer a soft elegance to modern décor. Curtains and drapes are more updated these days with a great deal of variety

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How to Choose the Perfect Curtains or Drapes for Your Home

Looking for new curtains or drapes but don’t know where to begin? The following tips might help you find the perfect window treatment for your home. Our custom made curtains and drapes are one of the most cost effective window covering solutions out there. There are hundreds of different styles, colours, fabrics and designs to choose from. Cadillac Window Fashions

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