Do you have old shutters and are about to throw them away? Don’t! There are lots of fun design ideas for your old shutters. Cadillac Windows Fashions gathered some of the nicest DIY (do it yourself) ideas for your old shutters.

1. Shutter Table

diy window shutters img 1



Use one of your old shutters to make a cute console table! Paint it a colour that matches your interior and get some wood for the legs. There is a detailed tutorial done by HGTV that is linked underneath the picture above. A great addition to your home.

2. Shutter Organizer

diy window shutters img 2



Another way to use your old shutters is to make an organizer where you can hang decorations and/or pictures. Making this is fairly easy, just attach two old shutters together and paint it your preferred colour. It makes a cute and useful decoration in  your home office!

3. Chalkboard Shutter

diy window shutters img 3



 A little more advanced than the previous examples, but a great addition to your home or garden nonetheless. Get a chalkboard from your local craft store and attach it to one of your old shutters and paint the shutter whichever colour you like. Great for keeping notes and/or to serve as a place where your guests can leave a little note after visiting.

4. Shutter Coat Rack

diy window shutters img 4



Use your old shutters to make a nice coat rack for your home. Paint the old shutter your preferred colour and get some hooks from your local home hardware store and attach them to the shutter. Voila, you have your own customized shutter coat rack!

After re-using your old shutters for various creative DIY’s it’s time to look into getting new shutters. Cadillac Windows Fashions is there to help you every step of the way. We want our clients to receive the best quality shutters available. A few of the benefits of Cadillac Window Fashions are:

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