As a design consultant for Cadillac Window Fashions it’s my primary role is to advise clients when they purchase window blinds in Toronto and the GTA. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than the joy on my client’s faces when we do a walk throughout the home after our team has installed their window blinds.  Window blinds make such a difference to a home. Some clients like to take pictures before hand and then afterwards to see the dramatic difference between the two side by side.

It’s also nice to hear how happy our clients are with the work we do and how well we treat them. Your clients are your best sales people because when you have a happy client they tell their friends and family.” (Cadillac Window Fashions employee)

At Cadillac Window Fashions we sell window blinds in Toronto and the GTA. We do this all day every day.

Selection of Window Blinds

  • Wood Window Blinds
  • Aluminum Window Blinds
  • Vinyl Window Blinds
  • Fabric Window Blinds

2 Types of Window Blinds

  • Horizontal Window Blinds
  • Vertical Window Blinds

A family run company, Cadillac Window Fashions remains true to the belief that the quality of their business revolves around the long term dedication of the owners and employees to deliver an unsurpassed buying experience to our clients.

Let us deliver to you the same quality and service trusted by many of the country’s top designers and architects for the past 25 years. Cadillac Window Fashions is also the winner of CCA 2010. If you are located in Toronto, Ontario or the GTA Please call us @ 416-665-9392 or email us with any questions you might have about covering your windows.