Window Shutters enhance a home.  Window Shutters are also referred to as a window covering and there are many reasons for having them in your home.

  • Window Shutters control the amount of sunlight that comes into a room.
  • Window Shutters offer privacy due to the solid panels.
  • Window Shutters are energy efficient because they keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in summer.
  • While Window Shutters enhance a room they also look lovely from the outside of a house looking in.

Two types of Window Shutters

Interior Window Shutters

People tend to treat themselves to this classic look of custom Window Shutters.  They are available in 1 1/2”, 2 1/2” and 3 1/2” louvre size.  These beautiful Window Shutters are an enhancement to any décor.Window Shutters are available in painted or stained finishes and are all hand crafted (See Cadillac Shutters & Blinds’ Shutter pictures).

Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior Window Shutters adds to the exterior of any home in Toronto and surrounding areas.  Properly installed window shutters can also increase the value of a home.  While some people might not appreciate or like the look of exterior Window Shutters  I don’t think anyone will deny the value that window shutters bring to any home especially when it come to a resale.