“A few months ago I sold wood shutters to a client in Toronto. Months earlier, the client had done some major renovations to her home and was very excited to decorate. She couldn’t contain herself with excitement. As a matter of fact she was overjoyed at the thought of the decorating stage. It was such a lovely sight to see a woman in her glory. In phase one she replaced all her window coverings on the first floor with wood shutters. In the dining room she took my advice and went with a dramatic look by adding drapery. The look was gorgeous if I do say so myself. Phase two will be the 2nd floor and phase three is the basement with a walk out patio and some small windows. I’m sure she will be decorating her entire home with wood shutters. By the time this article is posted on our blog phase two will be complete and I can’t help but feel bitter sweet. I make it a point to visit most of my clients afterwards not only to make sure the client is happy with the results but also to see the joy they express to me with their new purchase. When I went to visit after phase one Mrs. Joyful (not her real name) was kind enough as to offer me tickets to the hockey game. I didn’t accept them because I didn’t want to get into any trouble, not that I would but just in case. I was touched because Mrs. Joyful wanted to reward me with something extra. I sell wood shutters in Toronto all the time, it’s our hottest item and to be treated like this was pretty special. Thanks Mrs. Joyful for making this such a joyful experience.” (Cadillac Shutters & Blinds employee)

Customer service is something we pride ourselves on. Knowing our clients are happy with the products and service we provide is so rewarding. We manufacture our own wood shutters and we take great care in doing so. Our wood shutters come in many different colors and stains. It would be a pleasure to come to your home and offer you a complimentary consultation.