“A few months ago I went out on a service call; the client was interested in purchasing California Shutters for one window. I was able to meet the customer’s needs and we got the sale. Everything was great. We set a date for our installer to install the California Shutters. He went to the client’s premises and did a great job and everyone was happy. The day after the installation I got a call from the client telling me how much she loves the California Shutters and now she wants to redo the whole house in California Shutters. You can imagine how delighted I was. My first thought was what a great installer we have and the next was how thrilled I was about the new job. It turns out the client loved the work and the installer. And just to complete this with a storybook (but true) ending, the client actually invited our installer and his wife for dinner.”   (Cadillac Window Fashions employee)

What a feel good story. In the world of sales and customer service when you hear a story like this it doesn’t get much better than that. At Cadillac Window Fashions we’re a team. One compliments the other and for us exceptional customer service is what we’re all about and what keeps our clients coming back. Yes, of course our California Shutters are an excellent and durable product but it’s more than that. When you buy from Cadillac Window Fashions you get the whole package. There’s a famous expression that says “the best sales people are clients”. One would think this client is going to rant and rave to her friends about her new California Shutters for some time. She might even invite friends over to show off her newly decorated home. When a woman is thrilled with her home she might want to show off a bit and why not, when the woman of the house is happy, everyone in the house is happy.

We manufacture our own California Shutters and we sell them at a very reasonable price. Our prices are consistently lower than our competitors. We offer California Shutters in a wide variety of colours from different stains to custom colours. We’ve been in business for over twenty five years and take great pride in knowing what our clients want and doing what we can to give it to them and to keep them happy. Who knows when the next time they’ll want to redo a room or two?